Grace in My Garden

Grace in My Garden

Follow the artist's journey of emotional colors and willow charcoal tracks, through oil paint & fiber collage affixed with glittery grit into Dorothy Fagan's Garden of Grace. Enter the Meadowlands ~ that sacred garden within us where heart and spirit dwell together in peace. 

Sacred Garden (New Turf Series)




Dream Weaver Artist Orchestrating Efflorescence


Dreamer or realist?

walk the creative journey

Embody Earth

This Side of the Sun (right)(2021)
Other Side of the Moon (left)

A dreamscape mountain called Other Side of the Moon glimmers the green flash, dissolving into vibrant meadowlands on This Side of the Sun

A breathtaking, seven-foot oil painting diptych transforms ~ moon rising as sun sets bridging lifetimes, as the artist's torso aligns to create a second diptych ~ affirming the efflorescent message of Dorothy Fagan's soul etched in the landscape.

Embodied Earth (2022)

"We heal ourselves as we align with earth's sacred garden."

Sacred Body, Mine

Behind the canvas, a handwritten haiku scrawled in seasons past echoes the artist's silent truth.

Speak now, ungagged, owned

by no one, I alone own

my sacred body, mine


The dreamer artist weaves colorful emotions held deep in the cells of her body. 

In Fagan's paintings, we feel The Meadowlands within blossoming. For a fleeting moment, we witness mountains of emotion dissolve. 

A flickering joy and peace pulses within us. 

Blossom Joy

Blossom Joy (2023)

Orchestrating efflorescence with her art, Fagan uses a chakra-color palette and willow charcoal (twigs of willow trees charred into soft expressive drawing sticks), to draw dreamscapes in wet emotional colors, bringing to life her dream of peace and joy.

Settling into the Village

Settling into the Village (2023)

A printmaker by training, Fagan develops her paintings as one would an etching ~ state by state. In her process, layers of oil paint are applied with palette knife, then carved with linear textures and imagery. 

As colors and calligraphy emerge, Fagan 'proofs' each state evaluating balance and structure, rechecking interwoven color energies against transforming energies within her own body. Sometimes the alignment of the two will complete a work in a month or two, other times a year, or a decade.

Let Me Bloom, I Am

Let Me Bloom, I Am (2023)

Lift Me, Fly Me

Lift Me, Fly Me (2023)

Sacred Garden (New Turf IV) (2023)

Golden Heart

Golden Heart (New Turf III) (2023)

Happiness Sprouting

Happiness Sprouting (2023)

Unbroken Heart

Unbroken Heart (2023)

Awaiting Grace

Awaiting Grace (2023)

Grace Descending

Grace Descending (2023)

Small plein air landscapes Fagan painted in The Sanctuary transform in this collection of visionary oil paintings. With these visceral artworks, she invites us to walk the artist's journey and embody the earth. 

Orchestrating efflorescence, the dream weaver artist immerses us in healing color and sparkling grit, welcoming us into The Meadowlands.

The Arrival

The Arrival (2023)

Fagan's painting process parallels the transformation occurring in her body. The titles provide clues, helping propel the artist journey.

The first state of The Arrival began as a painting called Moon Garden, a vertical with a dominating pink orb and entangling flora in a deep blue dream garden. The second state turned the dream garden on its side, as it co-joined with another canvas into a ten-foot diptych abstract landscape from above called Syncopation. In its final state, the diptych separates to stand alone as The Arrival affirms the presence of grace.

"I am often asked, 'how do I know when a painting is finished?' 

"In Arrival, she never stopped crying out to me. I put her back on the easel alone and looked for how I might ease her pain? 

"Rotating her several times, her pink orb broke up and disappated leaving a gold encrusted shimmer."

Passion Diva

Passion Diva (2022)

Passion Diva began as a second version of Meadowlands (below.) Initially the abstract landscape appeared from above, a vantage point that Fagan uses frequently. 

In the second state, she flips the canvas up-side down several times as the imagery develops. Ultimately the diva appears standing tall along the right axis, as the artist rests the painting vertically against the wall. 

Fagan allows the goddess in the mountain to rest peacefully, honored in Meadowlands of her own making, in a reclining position or simultaneously standing tall.

The Meadowlands

Meadowlands (2021)

Tango in the Heartland (2020)

The River Runs Through Her (2022)

Gathering Up the Goddess (2020)

Forevermore (2022)

Truly I Never Doubted You (2022)

In this video, see how the artist feels colors and flow of the painting with her body. Painting life size canvases enables her to dance with her own reflection in the landscape. 

The River Runs Through Her(2021)

In this video, see up close details of shimmering silk fiber art.

Bloom Shimmer Sparkle (2022)

In this clip, see how the artist incorporates felted wool, knitted eyelash fibers, and pearlescent acrylic paint.



A Vision of Healing
in the Post-Pandemic World

Hear Dorothy Fagan speak about her vision for creating a new world from the heart. In this video made at the beginning of the pandemic, Fagan talks about following Nature's cues to create a ten-foot polyptych painting. 

from the heart

During the painting process, Fagan experiences coming to the edge of the 'woulds', a dream symbol which recurs in her woodland landscape paintings. She stops painting to consider this momentous time and which way to go? 

As she steps back across the studio to look once again, she envisions a coloring book world where we express heart first.  Then creating the lines and structures from the landscape of love within us. 

"join me in the studio and hear my PB&J manifesto for serving everyday creativSOUP."

Get the first chapter of Dorothy's upcoming book




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